Delicious, gourmet Frozen Wine Cocktails. Sangria. Moscow Mule. Ginger Hibiscus. Strawberry Basil Lemonade. Cosmopolitan. Margarita, Original Lush Wine Slush. Irish Mule. Or when it’s cold, Lush Organic Spiced Wine & Hot Apple Toddy. No fancy equipment, recipes or mixologist needed…ALL YOU NEED IS LUSH.

Lush Wine Cocktails - Sangria, Moscow Mule, Original Wine Slush

Add Lush to wine to create delicious gourmet wine cocktails!

Lush is an organic, 100% all-natural dry mix that turns wine into gourmet wine cocktails in minutes. Our delicious flavors come from only real fruit, real spices & herbs, and contain 30-50% less sugar than other wine cocktails and slushie mixes…just ~100 calories per 5-oz. cocktail.  Lush doesn’t hide the wine; it enhances it into a delicious unique drink. And, we won’t ask you to buy extra ingredients. You just need Lush, wine, & water…and voila, you’ve got yourself one of our many beautiful, delicious Lush Wine Cocktails. What’s more, just add to 1 cup water and heat for a craft cocktail simple syrup!

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Buy Lush today! It’s perfect for a party, BBQ, Holidays, weddings, bars & restaurants or your own personal Happy Hour. Watch our quick video to see our amazing wine cocktails and how easy it is to make them:

Make Lush in just 1-2-3 easy Steps:
Step 1: Pour one bottle of wine.  Fill bottle with water and add to baggie/pitcher. Add optional liquor (Look on the back label for suggestions).

Step 2: Add Lush and stir well.

Step 3: Freeze for 6-8 hours or serve on the rocks or chilled. Garnish if you’re an over-achiever. Enjoy!!!

To see us make a batch of Lush, click on our Lush Instructions. It’s oh-so-easy!

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