Delicious, organic, Wine Cocktail & Wine Slushie Mixes. 



Lush hand crafted mixes include: Original Lush Wine Slush. Sangria. Moscow Mule. Ginger Hibiscus. Strawberry Basil Lemonade. Cosmopolitan. Margarita. Irish Mule. Or when it’s cold, Lush Organic Spiced Wine & Hot Apple Toddy.

No fancy equipment, recipes or mixologist needed. Just add wine…LUSH does the rest.


Lush is an organic, 100% all-natural dry mix that turns wine into gourmet wine cocktails in minutes. Our delicious flavors come from only real fruit, real spices & herbs, and contain 30-50% less sugar than other wine cocktails and slushie mixes…just ~100 calories per 5-oz. cocktail.  Lush doesn’t hide the wine; it enhances it into a delicious unique drink. And, we won’t ask you to buy extra ingredients. You just need Lush, wine, & water…and voila, you’ve got yourself one of our many beautiful, delicious Lush Wine Cocktails. What’s more, just add to 1 cup water and heat for a craft cocktail simple syrup!

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Check out these retail reviews:

  • Absolutely delicious! So easy to make and fun to serve at parties. Makes your wine go twice as far! Would also make a great gift paired with a bottle of wine for your next hostess gift or friends birthday. Will definitely buy again. Thank you!

  • My friend and I served this last night at girls bunko night and it was gone in a flash! Mix it with organic wine and you have a 100% organic cocktail that you can't get awaywhere else. So delicious! This is going to be my new staple for parties! Love it

  • This is my 2nd or 3rd order from Lush. I just love this stuff. It is a nice change of pace from drinking plain wine. I love the variety offered in their products. I love mixing up some Sangria when hosting. It's inexpensive, easy, and oh soooo tasty. Great product!

  • My order was sent in a timely fashion and was quick to get here. I loved the Spiced Wine mix - it was like having Fall/Christmas in a cup! I plan on ordering more to serve to others and to just have as a special treat for myself!

  • The product itself is outstanding. I purchased this as a gift for someone. It appears that locating mixes (and even recipes) for mulled wine that are high quality is difficult, but this mix scored very well with the gift recipient and was highly appreciated. In addition, the packaging was very attractive, tied with a red ribbon that I included in the gift wrap. Terrific experience all around.

  • I love these mixes - so easy to make and so delicious! I've never had a problem with any of them or with receiving them.

  • The Mulled Wine is great! Easy to make and delicious. Is was a hit at our family Christmas and will continue to be a winter go to for me! I look forward to trying their other packets!

  • Nate

    Spiced Wine was easy to use. I made it on the cook top, so had to have low heat when adding wine to it. Really nice taste. Loved it!

  • Sarah

    We love these mixes. We brought mixes to a Christmas party and everyone was asking about them. The instructions were clear and mixing them together was super easy. Well definitely plan on having these around for the next party!!

  • Shack

    Drinking right now....Love this....mixed with red wine and so yummy will buy again!

  • Sarah

    My friends and I loved this! Not only were our drinks great but the next day I made a simple sugar out of the rest and kept in the fridge to mix with anything I could think of. I can't wait to try the others, highly recommend.

  • Sangria mix was GREAT! We used a merlot wine to make it, and it tasted like good restaurant/bar quality! I would definitely buy this again!

  • Carol

    These are so great and when I finish all 6 of them, I'll be ordering more. I love slushies and so far all of them
    have tasted great!

  • Mary

    Love the sangria and hot spiced wine mix. So easy to make and very delicious! Great to give with a bottle of wine as a gift.

  • Jessica

    This stuff is amazing!! The hibiscus is my favorite!

Make It, Serve It:

Making Lush at Home: Lush is perfect for a party, BBQ, Holidays, weddings, or your own personal Happy Hour. In fact, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Pour one bottle of wine.  Fill bottle with water and add to baggie/pitcher. Add optional liquor (look on the back label for suggestions).

Step 2: Add Lush and stir well.

Step 3: Freeze for 6-8 hours or serve on the rocks or chilled. Garnish if you’re an over-achiever. Enjoy!!!

To see us make a batch of Lush, click our video below or visit our Lush Instructions. It’s oh-so-easy!

Serve it & sell it in your Restaurant, Bar, Brewery, Wine House & others:

When wineries, breweries, bars, and restaurants serve Lush, customers RAVE about it and come back for more! Check out some of the reviews from establishments that serve Lush below.  And what’s more, customers love buying & gifting our chic, beautiful bags full of organic ingredients from these establishments and boutique stores. Want to sell or serve it in yours? Find out more about our Wholesale Buying Options.

Check out these customer reviews for establishments that serve and sell LUSH:

  • Becky

    Oh My Goodness...We already offer craft beers on tap and a wine station where customers can sample before they buy. I knew adding the wine slushies was just gonna add that much more to the business. I had no idea how fast it was gonna be a hit. Within 24 hours of posting on Facebook we reached over 23,000 people. Within 3 days we have already refilled all three compartments up!!! Brilliant idea you girls have come up with and I am so excited to now be a part of it....I am gonna need to place another order.

  • Justine

    Current 2 wine slushy flavors: orange crush & strawberry basil! Will definitely come back!

  • Tee

    I was asked to try a sample of wine slushy.  Well let me tell you. Never have I tasted such a refreshing delight so reasonably priced.

  • Cipriano

    What caught my eye was a wine slushy. I have never heard about a wine, so I was eager to try one out. Wow!!! The Red Wine slushy was not only delicious, but very strong.

  • Ikeila

    Great experience; great service; great atmosphere,  great wines. Wine slushes are the best.

  • Rachel

    Try their warm mulled wine in the winter. Yum.

  • Allison

    The house sangria was phenomenal.

  • Megan

    They also make delicious wine slushies, which was the perfect summer treat.

  • Tanner

    The wine is very good. We love the slushies.

  • Elise

    My friends have been raving about their Wine Slushiesand I've finally found time to check it out. Let's just say it was everything I hoped for and this is my new spot to go to when it starts getting warm outside!

  • Steve

    Two Words: wine slushie. Although I was sold on the house brewed beer offerings and the dog friendly patio, my wife wasn't. But I sold her with the wine slushies.

  • Carly

    They make their own unique beers which are good but the WINE SLUSHIES are the best!!!!! Seriously they have red and white wine slushies which I recommend getting a swirl.

  • Nanc

    Good service, good beer but I come for the wine slushy- so good!

  • Aimee

    Guys, I cannot rave enough about these wine slushies!!! This is the first time I've heard about wine slushies and was initially very skeptical to try it, but once I did I kept coming back for more. It's superbly refreshing and just the right amount of sweetness. Excellent for any warm day.

  • Kevin

    Get the wine slush! I got the mixed and I did not regret it. I was doing a brewery hopping tour and the wine slush was a nice change of pace and delicious!

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