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Wholesale & Bulk Wine Slush Mix, Wine Cocktail Mix, & Frozen Drink Mix

Lush is an amazing addition to any bar, restaurant, wine house, brewery, winery, boutique wine shop or gift shop, and more. We should know…we currently sell wholesale Lush, for retail and serving, to businesses across the country. It is an easy-to-sell, highly profitable, delicious, customer-pleasing product.  In fact, Lush has become a signature drink and high-demand cocktail in many venues. Wine slush mix, sangria mix, spiced/mulled wine mix  organic frozen drink mix, & more! Our wholesale and bulk prices simply can’t be beat. Click HERE to contact us today and start serving or selling Lush.

Here’s why:

  • We have the only line-up of ORGANIC wine cocktail mixers.
  • With 30-50% less sugar than our competitors, Lush mixes create high-end, flavorful wine cocktails rather than syrupy overly sweet drinks.
  • We use organic and real fruits, spices, and herbs in our mixes; gourmet wine cocktails on par with those found at trendy Speak Easies and Wine Bars.
  • For resale bags, our labels and packaging is chic and beautiful. No foily, flashy or tacky bags here! We want you to be proud to put our designer bags on your shelf.
  • We offer significant wholesale price discounts on both Resale Bags (fully labeled) and bulk packaging (for serving Lush). We work hard to offer wholesale prices down to 50% MSRP and offer Free Shipping on large orders.
  • Our prices are competitive, even with mixers that are not organic and use chemical flavorings.
  • As a small business, we will work hard to earn your business. We know our wholesale customers’ names, return calls, and do what we can to help them be as successful as possible with Lush.
  • Our mixes have been tested and perform perfectly with counter-top frozen drink machines, floor machines with upright augers, and new state-of-the-art high capacity machines with hopper agitators such as these. They also work well when prepared in a home-freezer for retail customers. So, whether serving for a small party or 10+ gallons per day in your business, they’ll keep coming back for more Lush!

Ready to add Lush to your menu? Contact us by using our form, email or phone contact information below…we can discuss your wholesale needs & provide samples!

Watch our quick video to see our wholesale line-up:


And, here is just a small sample of what customers are yelping and gushing about the establishments that serve Lush:

I’m not the biggest wine fan but those wine slushies are God sent!

The highlight was the wine slushy. Oh my God!! Get the white/red blend and enjoy an ‘adult’ slushy. Soooo good!

This has definitely become a new hang out of mine! I typically hate frequenting breweries, but they have a specialty that I’m a fan of: WINE SLUSHIES!!! They do it it with Malbec or a savignon blanc.

My friends have been raving about their Wine Slushiesand I’ve finally found time to check it out. Let’s just say it was everything I hoped for and this may be my new spot to go to when it starts getting warm outside!

The wine slushies are awesome!  You can can wine, red or a mix of both.

The wine slushy is a must!! My new happy place!!The wine slushy is quite tasty and the only reason I keep going back.

vin cafe2

allglassesmachine smusa

Awesome place that we love going to! I love the wine slushies…

I did like their wine slushies! They have a red and a white. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted so we ordered both and shared them.  I’m not a huge fan of white wine but the white wine slushie was yummo!

We finished up with a layered wine slurpee of malbec and sauvignon blanc that was quite refreshing.

Most of us had flights, but his mom had the red wine slushie and it was actually really good! Who knew a childish twist on an adult beverage would work so well?

The hubs finally tried out a wine slushy last time we stopped in and he really enjoyed it.

The also have a Wine Slushy machine! It was outstanding!

Our friend was drinking from their wine selection and tried one of their wine slushies! She let us all try it and it was delicious.

WIne slushies are great in the summer!

The wine slushies are a must!

They also have wine slushies which really hit the spot on a 90 degree day.

WIne slushies are great in the summer!

Our friend was drinking from their wine selection and tried one of their wine slushies! She let us all try it and it was delicious.

The best wine bar in Colorado.  The atmosphere is soothing and relaxing.  The owners hospitable, warm and friendly.  The wine delicious.  Ask them for some Sangria.

the cheese was to die for the wine was amazing and the slushy (I have nick named luchy with my wife) is sinful.

They also make delicious wine slushies, which was the perfect summer treat.

“We also got to sample their wine slush (2 flavors-both sooo good), warm spiced cider (yummmm) and sangria.”

The mulled wine was a tasty fall treat. Would stop by again!

Oh My Goodness…We already offer craft beers on tap and a wine station where customers can sample before they buy. I knew adding the wine slushies was just gonna add that much more to the business. I had no idea how fast it was gonna be a hit. Within 24 hours of posting on Facebook we reached over 23,000 people. …Within 3 days we have already refilled all three compartments up!!! Brilliant idea you girls have come up with and I am so excited to now be a part of it….

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