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If your idea of a great wedding or event includes a wonderful, delicious and unique drink, great company, and a good time, Lush is for you! We offer full service including everything from a Frozen Drink Machine rental (Denver Area Only), to Lush for your party, as well as smaller 2-serving customized Lush packets for favors. Now, you can serve your guests a wonderful and delicious signature cocktail and send them home with their own to remember your special event. For small events you can order directly from this site here.

If you’re looking for more than 20 packages of [pix_tooltip width=”” position=”top” tooltip=”Each package of Lush makes 55 ounces of Lush Frozen Cocktail when mixed with one standard bottle of wine.”]Lush[/pix_tooltip], Lush Wedding Favors, or our machine rental (Denver Area), please see our price estimates below. We offer package deals or a la carte pricing. We will also work with you to customize these prices based on your party/wedding size. If you’d like to get more information or place an order, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Wedding/Event A La Carte Pricing:

  • Each Package of Lush at 20 or more bags: $10 each Original/$11 each Sangria (each package produces 55 ounces Lush, and 20 packages will fill our 10 gallon machine).
  • Favors: $2.75 each for a 2-serving Lush Package (produces approximately 14 ounces)
  • Machine Rental in Denver Area: $100 per day. $25 for delivery if needed.

Wedding/Event Packages (comes with Lush to serve, Lush Favors for each guest, and Machine Rental in Denver Area):

  • Up to 100 guests: $605 Original/$665 Sangria, includes up to 200 6 ounce servings for party, machine rental and 100 Favors.
  • Up to 200 guests: $880 Original/$950 Sangria, includes up to 230 5 ounce servings for party, machine rental and 200 Favors.
  • Up to 300 guests: $1080 Original/$1180 Sangria, includes up to 288 4 ounce servings for party, machine rental and 300 Favors.
  • Up to 400 guests: $1400 Original/$1530 Sangria, includes up to 288 4 ounce servings for party, machine rental and 400 Favors.

Serve & Give Lush! 

Interested in serving Lush at your Event or Your Wedding? Contact us by email @ or use the form below:

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Mail: Lush, LLC, 1834 Smith Road, Golden, CO 80401

Phone: 970-209-1444

Thank you for your business. We appreciate it!

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