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Why Yes, we’re a couple of Lushes!

We like a good party. We’re not talking about anything crazy…just a good football, Holiday, Birthday, or any-day get-together. Oh, and we like a good cocktail.

As you might imagine with these interests, we starting spending some time in the kitchen, coming up with great cocktails for some great parties. And one day, we hit upon a concept with which we fell in love: delicious, gourmet, wine cocktails.

The first of our wine cocktail mixers came together for a Holiday gathering (we are sister-in-laws), gained momentum at a Super Bowl party, and won over friends, family, and acquaintances at block parties, birthday parties, and get-togethers over the course of a year. Naturally, we couldn’t just keep all the fun to ourselves. So, we went through the painstaking process (well worth it, though) to form our business and begin production.

It wasn’t a fast process…as we developed our recipes and our mixers, we couldn’t leave well enough alone. We wanted the best quality. The purest ingredients. Even, organic! We don’t welcome pesticides, toxins, or junk ingredients in our foods and homes, and certainly not our wine. Of course, this made things a bit tougher, but we didn’t mind. You see, we love wine and we wouldn’t want to compromise it in anyway. We also value sustainability and fair free-trade products. Lush certainly doesn’t compromise wine, but enhances it into a celebratory drink for any occasion.

Oh, and the labels! We wanted chic labels. Nothing cheesy, nothing blingy or flashy, but a label anyone would be proud to walk down the street holding. With every new flavor, we work for many hours with a very talented graphic artist to put together the perfect label.

And last but certainly not least, we are so, so thrilled to give back to our community through Lush. While Lush Wine Mix is a gourmet food that we want everyone to enjoy, we are also very aware that many people in our community, country, and world don’t have enough to eat to simply survive and thrive. This is why we are helping to fight hunger, especially hunger that affect children. We donate a portion of each bag of Lush sold to fight hunger. Won’t you try Lush and help us in this fight hunger today?

That’s our story. Can Lush be a part of yours? Cheers!

Erin Rose & Kelli, Owners, Lush, LLC

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