Spiced Wine without the mess, expensive ingredients, or hours of time? What a concept!

Do you love spiced wine but wish you could make it without all the time and mess? Let Lush do the work for you! Our Lush Spiced Wine mixer uses the best ingredients, the ones you’d choose yourself: organic apples, oranges, and  spices. And, you get to choose the wine – simply mix one bottle of red wine, water, and Lush wine mix. You’ll come out with 55+ oz. of delicious, authentic mulled wine in a mere 5 minutes. No mess. No extra shopping.

Lush Spiced Wine mix is the perfect solution to busy Holiday parties – serve your guest a bar-quality craft wine cocktail in minutes. And, did we mention that your home will smell absolutely wonderful? It will.

Not convinced? Our spiced wine was named one of the top 10 Mulled Wines in the country and listed as one of the Top 20 gifts for wine lovers on Health Magazine’s list in 2016. And, you can get the same results in your own home. Or, give it as a hostess gift, teacher’s gift, or stocking stuffer! Buy it while supplies last on Amazon today!


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Our short video describing Lush Spice Wine and how to make it: