Lush Instructions

It’s as easy as 1-2-3; Mix, Freeze, and Serve.  In no time, you’ll have a delicious and all-natural wine slush for your own happy hour, party, or special dinner.

Three-Step Freezer Instructions:

  1. Pour a bottle of wine (750 mL or 3 cups) into a pitcher or large bowl.  Fill wine bottle with water and add to pitcher.
  2. Add Lush, stir well & freeze 6-8 hours.
  3. Once frozen to desired consistency, stir well and serve.

Three-Step Blender Instructions:

  1. Pour ½ bottle of wine (1.5 cups) into a blender. Add ½ bag Lush (.5 cups)  blend to dissolve and then add 3.5 cups ice. Blend to desired consistency.
  2. Pour into serving pitcher and repeat Step 1 with remaining wine, Lush, and additional 3.5 cups ice.
  3. Add second batch to serving pitcher, stir well and serve.

Non-Alcoholic Drink Instructions:

  1. If using an unsweetened drink such as non-alcoholic wine, unsweetened tonic or sparkling water, etc., follow either set of instructions above.
  2. If using a sweetened drink such as JUICE, Ginger-Ale, etc., only use half the Lush package contents (approximately 1/2 cup) and follow either set of instructions above.  Make sure to shake package well before pouring out half of the contents.

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