Juice sLUSH Instructions

Did you know that Lush makes a great non-alcoholic all-natural juice slush as well.  Without one drop of red dye, high fructose corn syrup, or other chemical junk ingredients, you can choose your favorite juice and make your kids, or yourself, a special treat.  It’s a hit at birthday and Holiday parties!

Non-Alcoholic Drink Instructions:

  1. To use JUICE, Sparkling Juice Drinks, Ginger-Ale, or other sweetened non-alcoholic drinks, use only half the Lush package contents (approximately 1/2 cup) and follow either set of instructions above.  Make sure to shake package well before pouring out half of the contents to ensure a consistently flavorful and delicious Lush Juice Slush.
  2. If using an unsweetened drink such as non-alcoholic wine, unsweetened tonic or sparkling water, etc., follow the regular Lush Instructions and simply substitute your drink of choice for wine.

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