Wine is a wonderful, pure, fantastic drink.  When we created Lush, we wanted to add nothing short of pure, organic, natural ingredients to it.  There are only three ingredients in Lush Original, all of which are all-natural and organic.

  1. Organic Sugar Cane: While Lush does contain sugar, we’ve kept the pesticides and chemicals out of it, and only use organic, fair-trade sugar cane.  It’s a pure ingredient, in a minimal amount that adds a touch of sweetness to Lush.
  2. Organic Citric Acid: Citric acid is an ingredient derived from citrus fruits, and it serves as an all-natural preservative in our drink.
  3. Organic Green Tea Powder (Matcha Powder): Adding a lovely flavor balance to Lush, organic green tea powder is packed full of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients.

Then, to create the delicious Lush Sangria, we’ve added real, freeze-dried oranges, lemons, and limes.  You’d use real fruit when making a Sangria in your own kitchen, and now you can do the same without having to buy, cut, or mix any fruit.  It’s the best Sangria you’ve ever tasted, in just minutes!

When drinking Lush, you can enjoy a wonderful Wine Slush with no worries about pesticides, chemicals, colorings, or harmful ingredients.  Instead, you’re buying a pure, organic mix to add to wine for a special treat and luxury!


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